Saturday, January 28, 2012


Let me just say that figuring out how to make my little felt flowers cute and fun was alot easier than figuring this blog out.  I will be working on the presentation of my Nanny Blooms sight for a while.  Yesterday was most exciting finding out that yes, I could use the Nanny Blooms name for my business and then off to celebrate with my friend Lori.  Thanks to my graphic artist daughter I have cute logos and headers that I  will use, but can't figure out how to put on this blog right now.
A little more about how this started.  My middle daughter is crafty and wanted unique bouquets for herwedding.  She said real flowers make her sneeze and she wanted hers out of felt.  They turned out lovely, and I was able to add little touches from the past, my great aunts crochet, my grandmothers sparkly button off of a coat she had, and a little golden butterfly that my dad brought me from a trip toVensuela.  It was probably more special for me to have the priveledge to make than ever her to have. 
That is how this passion was fired up.  I love flowers, flowery things, and cutesy stuff.  Mary Engelbreits illustrations make me smile and have always inspired my craftiness.  I continued, by making little birthday wish bouquets and pins for friends.  I have a plethora of ideas and 3 daughters to say "Oh you should do ...........  So together we will see what I do.
I hope my journey and my little blooms make you smile too.

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