Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hair clips and baby head bands



Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Blooms

Spring is coming, and all the beauty that comes with it is popping out here and there.  So many colors to choose from.  The shamrocks were a hit, I made quite a few of those for St. Patty's and will be revisiting them next March. 
Now I am on to mothers day and Easter Bloom making.  A Nanny Bloom is perfect for your Easter outfit,sweater or jacket.  Send a bloom to mom to wear for Easter or Mother's day. Also have lots of hair clips ready to go.    I have posted just some of the new blooms.  I think most are actually on the Bloom page, though I cannot figure out how to keep the pictures from moving themselves around or not going where they appear to be as I compose.  Weird. 
Well enjoy my interpretation of spring flowers. 
Easter blooms are here! April 8 is near!



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lasting Bouquet

Have a special lady in your life that needs a little cheerful reminder that she is special?  Maybe a mom, a daughter, a friend, a grandmother, or wife.  Nanny blooms makes small bouquets or even larger flower bouquets or arrangements.  All will bring a smile to someone in your life.  Nanny Blooms are made of wool/wool blend felt and vintage or new buttons.  A small 5 flower bouquet makes a sweet little reminder that someone is special.  Here is a little bouquet making someone smile.......wait this one was for the mom, but the daughter stole it.  Hopefully it is making both of them smile :)

Look on the bloom page for costs of small bouquets.  Easter, Mothers day or any day is a good time to give a girl a bloom.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

school spirit and hair clips

Navy,white and pale yellow
I have had the pleasure of making many blooms lately.  Some just from my felt stash and some special requests for special people like these 2 hair clips for a little girl that goes to a school that wears uniforms.                           this one is red, white and khaki


These medium size hair clips inspired me to make more hair clips. Some are medium and some are small. 
Girls love flowers in their hair, right.

All of the blooms
are easily made into clips with an addition of a sleeve and clip. Clips can
also have a pin put on.

Below are a few ways some Nanny Bloom clips are being used to blossom up her attire  (these are all small blooms). She has come up with some great ways to embellish her wardrobe with a bloom.  WHO CAN THINK OF MORE?
                                                          on the side (top) in the back(bottom)

This clip started off to be flip flop decor (she has 2) but got made into clips instead.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Little Blooms and St. Pattys day!

Ltttle flowers made specially for some ladies, was so much fun to do.  Look at the pretty poseys. SPRING IS IN THE AIR!  
                                                SHAMROCKS FOR ST PATTY'S DAY! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blooms for Brides

A friend requested a bloom for her friend getting married.  You don't really wear corsages at showers anymore, but she thought this would be a fun piece in her bridal colors that she could enjoy for years to come. The colors are plum and gray, and the pretty sparkle in the middle just refuses to take a good picture because it is covered in rhinestones. 
 I shared the thought with another friend, because I thought what a cool idea, it is a way to enjoy the colors as a lasting memory, sort of like the little girl flowers from my earlier post on corsages.  Her daughter is getting married and we decided to do the same for her. The button on hers is Checz glass and has a shimmer to it. The brides colors are a royal navy blue and tangerine. 
and I again told my daughter about the idea and she is soon to have a new sister in law, and for me 3 is the charm.  I liked the first two bride blooms, but this one I am going to have a hard to letting go of. The brides colors are a plum and apple green.the button is a worn gold with rhinestones around the outer edge and inner circle.  It is lovely!.


I posted a flower on FB to show a bloom that is very springy and citrusy.  I had several friends ask me about it, and show interest so I am making a series of what I am going to call Citrus blooms.  The original was inspired my one of my favorite crafty friends. I think this blend of colors will look fantastic on  a light weight jean jacket, or on just about any color spring sweater you can think of.  Check the bloom out and go t the bloom page for the different sizes of citrus blooms availableThe center is a vintage old clip on earring. The centers are all one of a kind, because it is rare I have two of the same button or earring to use in the center. 
the original citrus bloom for  my friend
and then-----
I had to do more.......

and while I was at it!!!!! 
spring is on the way

Easter, Mothers day, special times bring special blooms...