Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Blooms

Spring is coming, and all the beauty that comes with it is popping out here and there.  So many colors to choose from.  The shamrocks were a hit, I made quite a few of those for St. Patty's and will be revisiting them next March. 
Now I am on to mothers day and Easter Bloom making.  A Nanny Bloom is perfect for your Easter outfit,sweater or jacket.  Send a bloom to mom to wear for Easter or Mother's day. Also have lots of hair clips ready to go.    I have posted just some of the new blooms.  I think most are actually on the Bloom page, though I cannot figure out how to keep the pictures from moving themselves around or not going where they appear to be as I compose.  Weird. 
Well enjoy my interpretation of spring flowers. 
Easter blooms are here! April 8 is near!



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