Saturday, June 30, 2012

The best thing about sharing blooms

The best thing about sharing my Nanny Blooms is the excited look (like a kid in a candy store), and then the trying to decide which one to get.  Girls of all ages love pretty fun stuff.  It makes me happy to share them.  Sometimes I am the same way, when I pull them all out I want to keep them, or I see someone wearing one and I wish I had it back.  Funny thing is, I could make another exactly the same almost.  I just never do.  I have only made 2 identical blooms.  One belongs to a sweet Bible study friend and 1 to my sister. 
Right now I am preparing for some fall craft fairs and am working on some spirit blooms for the local high school colors.  Even spirit blooms are unique.  A new fun adventure for the bloom maker as well. 
This weekend the pre-4th of July weekend I get to share a bloom with my neighbor at the lake, and I finally finished and gave my daughter her coveted bloom for her hair.  It makes me happy to share them.  May Nanny Blooms bring a smile to your face, whether browsing on FB through them, or having one of your own.  My wish is for them to make you as happy as they make me creating them.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Planning how to share my blooms has been quite a delima, there are so many options.  If you are a small hand made business intrepeneur, you can sell all online, sell through craft fairs, bazaars and in home parties, or wholesale and consignment sell to shops.  My goodness I never realized there would be so many choices. 
Not only do you have choices for how to sell you have choices for how to take payments. We are all familiar by now with paypal, but did you know you don't have to have a paypal account to pay through paypal.  Now there is also this cool method called square up, and you attach a little credit card taker to your i phone or i pad and you become a store, right where you are.  AMAZING!  You can also just take cash and check as  was the way  in the "olden days".  While modern technology is great it makes for alot of CHOICES. 
I am reading and digesting all this information and planning a great Fall for NANNY BLOOMS. Of course, I am doing all this at my favorite place our lake house;) I can clear my head of my "need to do's at home" and digest all this information better. Looking forward to  a grand opening for my little flower shop before too much longer. 

Along with all this I am continueing to make blooms and have created a wreath to add to my inventory for the future.  Let me share a few with you....... this one is Fall inspired and up too high on my door, it was just where the hook was.  
burlap and fall colors with vintage buttons and glass
pumpkin beads. 

Take a peek....New Blooms coming your way.........
all the choices haven't stopped my blooming....  These are not added to bloom page yet, but are available  for sale...

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Your thoughts.....
Only going to work if some of you comment on my blooms.  My thought comes from my daughter.  She is a bargain girl, and loves the sight  If you sign up for their daily deal you will get an email of the days deal in the morning.  She got some strands of pearls and look what she has done with them.  Add a bloom and you have a beautiful custom piece of jewlery.  She is always coming up with new ways to wear her blooms, so I am sure we will see more. 
Pick your plum has had some great deals on all sorts of things.  The biggest problem is their stuff goes quickly so you have to act fast. 

My second thought has to do with making a keepsake from something sentimental....  use a Nanny bloom to make something special.  On the bouquet I did for my daughters wedding, I added many keepsakes sentimental to my heritage, a giant sparkley button worn on a jacket that my grandmother had, some crocheted lace made by my great aunt, and a little gold butterfly that my dad brought me when he traveled to Venzuela for work long ago. 

Now I am working on 2 special burlap,lace and beige blooms that will have a watch face on each, from a beloved mother.  Turning something old into something new.  I can't wait to be able to share these with you.....  they are a work in progress.

Do you have a treasure you want to be able to use?  A Nanny Bloom may be just the thing to make it special.

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Bloom where you are planted today.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Blooms

You would think I would pick some cool colors for summer and I did do a few, but mostly I have been working on some colors.   I saw a flowerdy tee shirt that inspired the hot colors.


All these new blooms are Large, and range between$10.00 and $12.00 dollars.

If you see a must have
contact me via email

The flower to the left has the coolest button that really looks like a piece of art rather than a button.  Summer colors that become fall colors

Look for tomorrows blog post, my thoughts....your thoughts on Thoughtful Thursday.
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