Thursday, June 14, 2012


Your thoughts.....
Only going to work if some of you comment on my blooms.  My thought comes from my daughter.  She is a bargain girl, and loves the sight  If you sign up for their daily deal you will get an email of the days deal in the morning.  She got some strands of pearls and look what she has done with them.  Add a bloom and you have a beautiful custom piece of jewlery.  She is always coming up with new ways to wear her blooms, so I am sure we will see more. 
Pick your plum has had some great deals on all sorts of things.  The biggest problem is their stuff goes quickly so you have to act fast. 

My second thought has to do with making a keepsake from something sentimental....  use a Nanny bloom to make something special.  On the bouquet I did for my daughters wedding, I added many keepsakes sentimental to my heritage, a giant sparkley button worn on a jacket that my grandmother had, some crocheted lace made by my great aunt, and a little gold butterfly that my dad brought me when he traveled to Venzuela for work long ago. 

Now I am working on 2 special burlap,lace and beige blooms that will have a watch face on each, from a beloved mother.  Turning something old into something new.  I can't wait to be able to share these with you.....  they are a work in progress.

Do you have a treasure you want to be able to use?  A Nanny Bloom may be just the thing to make it special.

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Bloom where you are planted today.....

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