Friday, June 22, 2012


Planning how to share my blooms has been quite a delima, there are so many options.  If you are a small hand made business intrepeneur, you can sell all online, sell through craft fairs, bazaars and in home parties, or wholesale and consignment sell to shops.  My goodness I never realized there would be so many choices. 
Not only do you have choices for how to sell you have choices for how to take payments. We are all familiar by now with paypal, but did you know you don't have to have a paypal account to pay through paypal.  Now there is also this cool method called square up, and you attach a little credit card taker to your i phone or i pad and you become a store, right where you are.  AMAZING!  You can also just take cash and check as  was the way  in the "olden days".  While modern technology is great it makes for alot of CHOICES. 
I am reading and digesting all this information and planning a great Fall for NANNY BLOOMS. Of course, I am doing all this at my favorite place our lake house;) I can clear my head of my "need to do's at home" and digest all this information better. Looking forward to  a grand opening for my little flower shop before too much longer. 

Along with all this I am continueing to make blooms and have created a wreath to add to my inventory for the future.  Let me share a few with you....... this one is Fall inspired and up too high on my door, it was just where the hook was.  
burlap and fall colors with vintage buttons and glass
pumpkin beads. 

Take a peek....New Blooms coming your way.........
all the choices haven't stopped my blooming....  These are not added to bloom page yet, but are available  for sale...

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