Saturday, June 30, 2012

The best thing about sharing blooms

The best thing about sharing my Nanny Blooms is the excited look (like a kid in a candy store), and then the trying to decide which one to get.  Girls of all ages love pretty fun stuff.  It makes me happy to share them.  Sometimes I am the same way, when I pull them all out I want to keep them, or I see someone wearing one and I wish I had it back.  Funny thing is, I could make another exactly the same almost.  I just never do.  I have only made 2 identical blooms.  One belongs to a sweet Bible study friend and 1 to my sister. 
Right now I am preparing for some fall craft fairs and am working on some spirit blooms for the local high school colors.  Even spirit blooms are unique.  A new fun adventure for the bloom maker as well. 
This weekend the pre-4th of July weekend I get to share a bloom with my neighbor at the lake, and I finally finished and gave my daughter her coveted bloom for her hair.  It makes me happy to share them.  May Nanny Blooms bring a smile to your face, whether browsing on FB through them, or having one of your own.  My wish is for them to make you as happy as they make me creating them.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!

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