Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blooms for Brides

A friend requested a bloom for her friend getting married.  You don't really wear corsages at showers anymore, but she thought this would be a fun piece in her bridal colors that she could enjoy for years to come. The colors are plum and gray, and the pretty sparkle in the middle just refuses to take a good picture because it is covered in rhinestones. 
 I shared the thought with another friend, because I thought what a cool idea, it is a way to enjoy the colors as a lasting memory, sort of like the little girl flowers from my earlier post on corsages.  Her daughter is getting married and we decided to do the same for her. The button on hers is Checz glass and has a shimmer to it. The brides colors are a royal navy blue and tangerine. 
and I again told my daughter about the idea and she is soon to have a new sister in law, and for me 3 is the charm.  I liked the first two bride blooms, but this one I am going to have a hard to letting go of. The brides colors are a plum and apple green.the button is a worn gold with rhinestones around the outer edge and inner circle.  It is lovely!.

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