Sunday, March 11, 2012

school spirit and hair clips

Navy,white and pale yellow
I have had the pleasure of making many blooms lately.  Some just from my felt stash and some special requests for special people like these 2 hair clips for a little girl that goes to a school that wears uniforms.                           this one is red, white and khaki


These medium size hair clips inspired me to make more hair clips. Some are medium and some are small. 
Girls love flowers in their hair, right.

All of the blooms
are easily made into clips with an addition of a sleeve and clip. Clips can
also have a pin put on.

Below are a few ways some Nanny Bloom clips are being used to blossom up her attire  (these are all small blooms). She has come up with some great ways to embellish her wardrobe with a bloom.  WHO CAN THINK OF MORE?
                                                          on the side (top) in the back(bottom)

This clip started off to be flip flop decor (she has 2) but got made into clips instead.


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