Sunday, April 29, 2012


Well I have been busy with school more than busy blooming but, I have made a few that I can finally post.  The puffy blooms remind me so much of zinnias especially when they are the really bright colors, though a good friend suggested they reminded her of dahlias.  I guess here in Texas I have seen more zinnias than dahlias.  Either way, they are fun. 

It's almost time to see the fun sunflowers in the summer
Daffodils are through for the year but here is my summer imitation.  Using fabric brings a lightness, and extra dimension of fun.  The fabric puff on top brings more dimension to the flower.

Flower making is fun!!!!! Felt, Fabric, Buttons, Hot glue, needle and thread is all you need to create your own imitation of your favorite bloom.  Better yet, let me do it for you!

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