Sunday, July 22, 2012

Litle Bloom shop update

This week I had the pleasure sharing blooms with some friends daughters.  They were so cute searching fot the blooms they wanted for themselves.  I am gettting excited about doing some craft fairs this fall and watching ladies decide which bloom is for them or their daughter.  I finally have some just hair clip blooms that are so cute.  I thought I had plenty made but already I see I need to make more before the shows get here.  The picture shows full, but after 2 shoppers it is no longer full.
I also have available special covered clips for itty bitty girls and head bands to clip them on for baby girls.  Below is a baby headband boxed in a special bloom box for a gift. 
All the parts of this little bloom business have been a fun and refreshing new thing to figure out. 
From packaging to display to making them, and finding resources for all of the above, I must say thank heavens for the internet and friends who are marketing savy.   
Looking forward to setting up Nanny Bloom shop at several fairs this fall.

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