Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flower arrangements and bouquets

Loving making and gathering the goodies to make the wedding bouquets for my daughter was so much fun, that it wasn't long I began to make the little Birthday bouquets with a message that read HAPPY BRITHDAY, MAY YOUR YEAR HAVE MANY BLOOMS....   I made several and was so excited when it was time to give them. 
This the bouquet
This was my latest bouquet for a friend who loves green and has an orange kitchen.  (I usually just try to do favorite colors in general). 
this is the underneath and note
Then a good friend wanted a flower arrangement.  Took a while to wrap my brain around that, because when I make arrangements there is more variation in height and dimension of the flowers than there is in my little bouquet flowers.
close up of some of her flowers
Below was the first finished arrangement and a close up of some of the flowers.  It was very special to make.  I was pleased and like anything that we put ourselves into it is hard to let it go.  She enjoys it, and I can visit ;)

The arrangement


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