Thursday, February 2, 2012

Corsages, hairclips, school colors, custom pins-------

Nanny Blooms is already blooming.  I am still head spinning happy about a new project.  Right out of the box I heard  the girls at work saying "oh my daughter would love to wear that in her hair".  I had thought of pinning the pins on stretchy headbands, but I had not thought about clips, until I saw the clip and pin on the back of silk flower today.  I will be figuring that out shortly and adding that as a possibility soon. 
Then a friend called with the idea that really got my attention.  Corsages!!!!!!!! I don't know why we can't have felt corsages if we have felt wedding bouquets.  I had a friend ask me to make a flower for a friend to wear at her bridal shower.  I am using the bridal colors but making it a pin she can enjoy for years.  Can't wait to hear how she enjoys it.  The next day, one of the girls I work with asked if I could make two smaller pins for her two precious girls to wear on their wrists like wrist corsages, to a Daddy Daughter banquet.  I made the flowers the same color but a little different so they each have their own unique one.  After the party they can become hair pieces, pins on dresses, or any other fun accessory girls figure out.  These little jewels we be around for years.  That mom was BRILLIANT!!!  (Great idea Kari......if you read this)  I plan to do more of these kind of things because I think it is such a sentimental, keepsake idea of a memorable event.  If I had had one,  I would still be wearing it.

These will become the little wrist corsages.  They have a little surprise of s really beautiful bright blue velvet int them along with these darling little black flower buttons with a rhinestone center. 

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  1. They are so pretty! Your creativity amazes me.