Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nanny Blooms are fun

I have had so much fun making the Nanny Blooms over the last few weeks for friends, and friends of friends, and little girls, for corsages and hair barrettes.  The best part is seeing the smile when I give them their bloom.  I am realizing as I make these that playing in my buttons and working with the felt brings back wonderful memories of playing in my Mema's button box and in her jewelery box as some of my embellishments are old clip on earrings with back removed. 

Valentines was great, I got to make my niece and my sister a surprise Nanny Bloom. They got them yesterday. Great little surprise for them. One of the ladies I work with sent a bloom to her mom and she remembered having felt flowers made by her mom as a child, so not only did she get a treat for valentines, but a warm fuzzy memory of her mom. A few girls got a bloom from mom for the occasion, and a few for themselves. It was fun and I already have great ideas for next year.

Red, white and blue flowers are the requests right now, so this weekend I will be posting pictures on the product page.  I have made a few in all 3 sizes.  One of the girls interested in one, plans to embellish her ball cap with it.  Another great way to enjoy your Nanny Bloom.

My daughter is a fan of the Irish since she is a red head and we have a tinge of Irish in our heritage.  She has talked me into making some four leaf clover pins.  Those will be fun to add to my product page as well.

Check the product page or check on Nanny Blooms on FB for updates on new flowers, you may find one you just can't live without. 

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