Friday, April 20, 2012

One piece of fabric, SO MANY BLOOMING COLORS!!!!

Well, it is friday again and I had time to sit down and actually create the blooms I have been throwing around all week after teaching Pre-K all day.  Ever since our time changed I have been tired and today someone hit the nail on the head.  I have spring fever, and so do the kids.  We all would rather be out blooming rather than in school. 
Remember last week I shared that I had bought some batiks on my quilt store adventure.  Well one reminant piece was tye dyed batik and it had alot of colors.  Here are the many different color blooms I made with the one piece ( and still have more left).  I was really amazed when I looked at all the combos that came out it.

I have a green and blue one I am working on as well.  The fabric likes the dies that don't have so many petals, so I used the same die on the fabric petals  I loved picking the buttons and felt to go with them.  The purple, and blue one has some tulle added which was a touch I saw and am adding to a few of my flowers. 
If you are using my blog to get ideas of how to make your own flowers, just let your imagination fly.  I do often look at real flowers for inspiration.  If you are using fabric you need fray check, which is available at Joanns, and I got mine at one of my favorite quilt shops Happiness is Quilting. 
The other ingredients are wool felt, fun buttons, wire, thread and hot glue to hold it all together. 
If you like my blog because someday you want your own Nanny Bloom, enjoy, and remember I will make you what ever colors you want, just ask. 
My daughters have been soldiers about giving my ideas on pinterest of all different kinds of felt flowers.  I love all of the ideas, and have been playing with the mum look.  Below are my two mum attemps.  I actually need to credit the tutorial that I used from  It was a great tutorial, though I did change things for my own use. 
The blue one is a large flower and the orange medium (even though the pics look the opposite).

Check out my bloom page for the new things available, and have a great weekend

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