Sunday, April 15, 2012

A visit to the quilt shops

Fun Fun Fun!!! I love taking little road trips with my friend Lori to quilt shops.  We always find something else we are just going to have to make, but this time, I stayed focused, and found some fabrics I just had to try in the blooms.  I always love the batiks but have never used them in my quilting adventures.  Oh boy, did I find  a way to use them!

I looked in the clearance and fat quarter section and found some great batiks to try.  Also got a bottle of Fray Check to keep the fabric from fraying and this is what happened after taking my sizzix die cutter and my imagination and putting them to work on some new fun blooms. 

I decided to try tool in this one as well.  Notice the fabric layer?

This one has 2 fabric layers and a new 3 D puff in the center

This one is a medium with 2 layers of the blue batik.  I really like the
way the batik looks. 

I haven't posted these in the bloom section yet, but I have several that will be posted later today.  Take a peak.  

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